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Check out the current project that I'm working on! A delightful conversation with a few friends sparked inspiration to develop a game... or two!

*Conceived and produced by Maren Patterson in 2017 (copyright 2017/2018).

I deciede to make a bit of progress on a gaming project that I have been developing in my leisure. Please click the link to play. When you click the link it may take about a minute or less to load on standard high-speed internet service, a progress indicator will be presented to display the loading of the game. *Currently the game is in an Alpha state and is more of a walk through of a two room environment. You can open the door by pressing the E key, also use the same key to interact with hanging scrolls. There is no objective to complete in this test, but I thought it may be nice to display some of my progress. Enjoy! :-D

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About Me

Maren Patterson

I have had a goal of developing a "fully immersive" video game for a few years now, so I finally decided to add it on my task list for current projects in the works. During my undergraduate several years back, studying game design, my class and I developed some exciting items for the course work. The curricullum there utilized Unreal Development Kit, so this is what I decided to use to complete the current project. I have Unity 3d Game Development software as well, but the plan is to use that one to tackle the next game. I'm excitied to develop an awesome adventure and engaging story line for you to try out! check back soon to see the progress and get a link when I publish it! :-)


tel: TEXAS 1-972-379-8639
tel: WISCONSIN 1-414-899-5571

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Game Design

Unreal Development Kit

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