3d model of VR City Zone logo Info-graphic wall design 3d model of Earth A quick Before and After Sample of my ability
VR City Zone Brand Regent University Advertisement TE Video Game Concept Art TE Video Game Disc Concept Art
3d model of Escape Chambers logo Audio CD Digital distribution art 3d model of glass bowl and napkin A quick Before and After Sample of my ability

About Me

Maren Patterson

Designing graphics has become a part of virtually every project I have been involved in, and I have designed many eye catching, yet informative art! I have presented a few here for your viewing pleasure, with the addition of a couple quick before and after samples by request :-)
*I'm currently working to increase my 3d modeling and rendering skill. I'll post a few new samples soon!

email: marenpatterson@yahoo.com

tel: TEXAS 1-972-379-8639
tel: WISCONSIN 1-414-899-5571

Technical Skills


3d Modeling


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