Maren Patterson

Instructional Designer

Digital Content Developer



CA 1-805-419-5605

TX 1-972-379-8639


Website Development


Mobile App Development


Graphic Design


Video Production


Audio Production




3D Modeling


Video Game Development




Final Cut Logic Pro Xcode Garageband iMovie iDVD iWeb iPhoto Keynote Pages Numbers iWorks iLife


Word Excel Power Point Publisher Visual Studio Outlook Office


Canvas LMS Camtasia Linux Avid ProTools Blender Adobe CS Master-Suite Photoshop Illustrator Flash Premier Pro After Effects Dreamweaver Fuse Experience Design Sublime Text Unreal Unity DaVinci Resolve

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Certificates and Achievements

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Employment History

Instructional Designer, Digital Content Developer, Multimedia Studio Manager / Harding University
Center for Learning with Technology

“Because of his versatility in graphic and web design, video editing and programming, he would be an asset to any company that seeks his skill set. These skill sets were used on various projects in The Center for Learning with Technology, and they were well done.” (Naomi Valentine, Senior Instructional Designer)

2018 - Current

  • Quality Matters Logo Certified - Addressing Accessibility and Usability (AAU)
  • Quality Matters Logo Certified - QM Rubric Update Sixth Edition (RU)
  • Quality Matters Logo Certified - Quality Matters Peer Reviewer (PRC)
  • Quality Matters Logo Certified - Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)
  • Educational/Instructional Video Production
  • Online Course Development and Review
  • Canvas LMS Course layout Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Website Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Web-App Design/Development (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Studio Designer, Technician, Manager

Website Developer and Digital Content Developer / Escape Chambers LLC

“I have been repeatedly blown away by the projects he puts together... Besides being incredibly professional, polite, and an overall great human being to work with, he has a unique sense of creativity and continues to knock it out of the park when we task him with projects.“ (Ben Holt, Marketing Director)

2016 - 2018

  • Front/Back End Website Development (WordPress, HTML, CSS)
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Video/Audio Production
  • Photography
  • Virtual Reality Game World Design

Office Administrator / Holland YRC

“Mr. Patterson has great attention to detail, and quality clear concise information. He takes great pride in the work he completes...” (David Closner, Operations Manager)

2015 - 2016

  • Daily preparation of paperwork for freight transport
  • Customer service and call center representative

Services Associate / Brensten Education College

“His versatility in IT, graphic design, web design, and video editing makes him a very attractive candidate for any organization looking to upgrade their current employee roster.” (James Bush Jr., Co-worker)

2014 - 2015

  • Developed a digital attendance tracking system for the campus (intern project)
  • Reported directly to the Vice President of IT
  • Mentor students
  • *Pearson VUE Certified Test Administrator

Website Developer and Graphic Designer / LSFBLC Inc.
2010 - 2011

  • Developed company website
  • Designed advertisement, weekly flyers, and weekly course workbook

Lead Multimedia Technician-Engineer / Brentwood Org.
2009 - 2011 (Volunteer 2000 - 2009)

  • Radio program producer and host for ten years (volunteer engineer - promoted to lead engineer)
  • Managed, recruited, and trained the Multimedia Ministry team
  • Instructor of multimedia and safety workshops/seminars
  • Computer build, website development, graphic design, audio/video production, photography, project management/development

Instructor and Security / Maasai Institute High School
2006 - 2007

  • Public safety and campus security
  • Designed curriculum and taught digital audio production course
  • Designed curriculum and taught Kung Fu course/ managed campus Kung Fu Club


Master Graduate Certificate (MCertSDP) - Software Development and Programming
in progress
Avatar Denver University

Renewing my understanding in the design and development of software, web-apps, and mobile apps.

Master Graduate Certificate (MCertIDT) - Instructional Design and Technology
Avatar Full Sail University

Enhanced my ability to develop educational programming, course work, and related digital content.

Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) - Strategic Communication and Digital Media
Avatar Regent University

Studying the worldview of ethics in communication, journalism, entertainment-education, and digital content development to promote social change.

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) - Digital Entertainment and Game Design
Avatar ITT Technical Institute

Training in digital video game development, animation, 3d modeling, and software development.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) - Information Technology and Multimedia
Avatar ITT Technical Institute

Education in computer builds and repair, application design, audio engineering, video production, and website development.

Grand Master (10th Degree Black Belt) - Personal Safety and Combative Science
Avatar World Wide Martial Arts Association
Avatar formerly United States Martial Arts Association

Head/Senior Instructor in health, personal protection, and safety. Studying Shaolin Gung Fu, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan, JuJutsu, and Taiho Jutsu.