Center For Learning with Technology

I produced this informative video to advertise the services of the Center for Learning with Technology.

Tactical Espionage (TE) Trailer

A trailer idea for a streaming series. Produced as a test pilot.

Esh & Red and Reckless

An entertaining presentation of the artist and band's performance at SummerFest in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Blue Tint Jazz

A friend requested a video of his personal jazz performance.

Multimedia Studio Tour

While employed at Harding University, I designed, managed, and was the Multimedia Technician for the studio.

Chapman University Commercial

This is a simple commercial produced for Chapman University.

Insight to a Better Life

Enjoy this test pilot for a television series that I developed.

Art Influence Documentary

This art documentary was produced as an assignment during my under-grad.

The Composer Trailer

While working for Escape Chambers, I was assigned to produce several game trailers and video tutorials.


About Me

Maren Patterson

Having experience writing scripts, storyboarding, video capturing, editing, audio production, developing graphics and simple effects, through DVD authoring and replication, I feel I can offer a skill set to assist in the development of some attention grasping visual productions. Above are a few brief, yet simple examples. Lastly I have a few more projects in development, so check back to see updates.


tel: TEXAS 1-972-379-8639
tel: WISCONSIN 1-414-899-5571