* Below are several samples of published websites developed for various entities. While there is a link for each entity, I have presented images below to demonstrate the original design publication. This listing began with projects developed in 2016 for reference.

Free online courses. In development. (Coming soon!) Maren's new portfolio. 2017. (www.marenpatterson.com) Hampton Ave Church of Christ. 2016. (www.hamptonavecoc.com)
Digital media production services. 2016. (http://marenpatterson.wixsite.com/pgmedia2016) maren's previous portfolio. 2014-2016. (www.marenportfolio.com) Immerse Branding. 2016. (www.immersebranding.com)
EC Virtual Reality. 2016. (www.ecvirtualreality.com) EC Tactical Laser Tag. 2016. (www.ectacticallasertag.com) Escape Chambers. 2016. (www.escapechambers.com)

About Me

Maren Patterson

I have several years experience developing websites for various entities, utilizing various development methods such as HTML, CSS (W3.CSS & Bootstrap), PHP, Wix, Wordpress, iWeb, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash. My experience includes the production and development of website content, of which can be reviewed on my portfolio website also. Please check out some of my published projects!

email: marenpatterson@yahoo.com

tel: TEXAS 1-972-379-8639
tel: WISCONSIN 1-414-899-5571

Technical Skills

Graphic Design

Web Development


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